500 kVA Diesel Generator Price in Bangladesh

৳ 3,650,000

  • Ricardo Engine
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Digital Controller
  • Brush-less Alternator
  • ATS ( Auto Transfer Switch)
  • Built In Auto Battery Charger
  • One-year International Warranty 
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500 kVA Ricardo Generator – Open Type

Introducing the 500 kVA Prime Power 550 kVA Standby Power Ricardo Generator, an open-type generator designed for big power industrial and commercial applications. This high-performance generator offers reliable and durable power supply. With Ricardo’s excellent after-sales service, you can trust in their commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it’s for industrial manufacturing, commercial facilities, or large-scale events, this generator provides dependable and uninterrupted power. When reliability and performance are crucial, Ricardo is your best choice. Invest in this Ricardo Generator for a robust and efficient power solution, backed by their reputation for excellence and customer support. Experience peace of mind with this high-quality Ricardo Generator.


Specification Details
Prime Power 500 kVA |  400 kW
Standby Power 550 kVA | 440 kW
Generator Model  R/O 500
Generator Brand RICARDO
Engine Brand RICARDO
Engine Model TBA
Alternator Brand Stamford Type
Alternator Model TBA
Control Module Smartgen /Mebay
Module Model HGM4010N
Generator Type Open
Fuel Type Diesel
Generator Origin CHINA
Shipment CHINA
Warranty 1 Year | 1000 Hours
Certification ISO Certified

Extended Warranty:

Ricardo offers extended warranty options, providing additional peace of mind and protection for industrial and commercial generator owners.

Compliance with Industry Standards:

These generators adhere to international industry standards and certifications, ensuring high quality and reliability for industrial and commercial applications.


Ricardo generators can be easily integrated into existing power systems or expanded to meet growing power demands in industrial and commercial facilities.

Safety Features:

They are equipped with safety features such as overload protection, circuit breakers, and emergency stop buttons, ensuring safe operation in industrial and commercial environments.

Remote Start Capability:

Ricardo generators offer remote start capabilities, allowing operators to start and stop the generator remotely for added convenience and control.

Flexibility in Fuel Options:

Some Ricardo generator models offer flexibility in fuel options, allowing for the use of diesel, natural gas, or other alternative fuels based on industrial and commercial requirements.





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