400 kVA CUMMINS Generator – Open Type

Our 400 kVA prime and 440 kVA standby Cummins generators are designed with a low power design that minimizes waveform distortion, particularly under nonlinear loads. This design feature ensures a clean and stable power supply, even when operating sensitive equipment or systems that require high-quality power. Additionally, the low power design provides an excellent ability to start motor loads, making these generators suitable for applications that require reliable and efficient motor starting. Whether you need to power industrial machinery, commercial facilities, or critical infrastructure, our Cummins generators offer the performance and reliability you can trust. Experience the benefits of clean power and smooth motor starting with our 400 kVA prime and 440 kVA standby Cummins generators.


Specification Details
Prime Power 400 kVA | 320 kW
Standby Power 375 kVA | 352 kW
Generator Model  DFC/O 400
Generator Brand CUMMINS
Engine Brand CUMMINS
Engine Model TBA
Alternator Brand Stamford
Alternator Model TBA
Control Module DeepSea
Module Model DSE6120
Generator Type Open
Fuel Type Diesel
Generator Origin CHINA
Shipment CHINA
Warranty 1 Year | 1000 Hours
Certification ISO Certified

Advanced Control Systems:

Cummins industrial diesel generators feature advanced control systems for precise monitoring, control, and protection of the generator.

Easy Maintenance:

These generators are designed for easy maintenance, with accessible components and user-friendly interfaces, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Wide Range of Power Outputs:

Cummins offers a wide range of generator models with varying power outputs to meet different industrial power requirements.

Global Service Network:

Cummins has a global service network, providing reliable support, maintenance, and spare parts availability across various locations.

Customizable Solutions:

Cummins offers customizable generator solutions tailored to specific industrial needs and applications.

Remote Monitoring and Control:

Cummins generators can be remotely monitored and controlled, allowing for efficient operation and troubleshooting.

Industry Compliance:

Cummins generators comply with industry standards and regulations, ensuring safety, reliability, and adherence to quality benchmarks.

Noise Reduction:

These generators are designed to operate with reduced noise levels, minimizing noise pollution in industrial environments.



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